Show ‘em All Some Love on February 20



By Joyce Amaro, City of Los Angeles, Stormwater Program

February has long been known as the month of love. Valentine’s Day is well established as that special day when we profess our love for family and friends. But now there’s a new February holiday Love Your Pet Day on February 20 that provides us pet owners with a special day to pamper our four-legged friends.

We all know the health benefits that pets afford their owners. Studies have shown that pets reduce stress and provide important social support. So, show your pets a little extra love on February 20 – take Max on an extra walk, cuddle up with Buttons on the couch. I know my dog Dodger will be getting his favorite treat, chicken jerky, that evening! They’ll love you for it, and it’s easy to do.

But don’t forget that there are a few simple practices that we as pet owners can adopt to show additional love to our environment and the myriad creatures who call our regional waterways their home.

 – Pick up after your dog every time for a healthy community and healthier coastal waters. The City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program makes it easy by providing free leash canisters of dog waste bags. Contact [email protected] to request your free canister.

 – Maintain your automobile and dispose of used fluids properly. Pets can be seriously hurt or killed if they ingest oil or antifreeze that drips onto pavement. Toxic substances, if dumped into streets or storm drains, can poison local lakes, rivers and creeks. City of LA SAFE Centers are open weekly to receive unwanted household and automotive hazardous waste.

– Although this is the season of love, spaying or neutering your pets is essential to the health of your pet and our environment. The LA Department of Animal Services provides low-cost spay and neuter vouchers.

So, go ahead and indulge your pet on Love Your Pet Day, but more importantly, make the pledge to adopt pet owner practices that show your love and consideration for all animals every day.

*Photo Courtesy of Joyce Amaro


Comments (2)

  1. Taz the Wonderdog
    February 22nd, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    I was a stray dog on the LA streets and bounced around shelters for 3 years until finding my forever home. Thanks for promoting love your pet day! I made this on the 20th to show my love for something fuzzy. WOOF!

    • LA Stormwater
      February 22nd, 2012 at 10:29 pm

      Thanks for the comment and showing some love on “Love Your Pet Day,” Taz the Wonderdog! We are glad to hear you found a home in LA!

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