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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Venice Beach

We all know that Venice Beach is funky, a sort of renaissance amusement park along the beach in West Los Angeles. The boardwalk is known for its eclectic street vendors, artists, musicians, muscles and some of the best surf in LA County. But we did you know the following about one of our favorite summer…

Why Ocean Day Matters

The LA Stormwater Program attended the 17th Annual Kids Ocean Day with thousands of local students to help reduce and prevent coastal pollution in Los Angeles. Listen to a few City staffers, kids and a teacher talk about the importance of the event and why the City was so excited to take part in the…

Monthly Events: Start the Summer off Right and Volunteer for a Cleaner LA

The year is half over, have you volunteered yet? Well, if you have, thank you. If you haven’t yet had a chance, let June be your month! For more info on the following events, including time and location, please visit the embedded links or check out our calendar. >Come out on Saturday, June 5th and…

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    Aerial Art at Kids Ocean Day 2010