Rainwater Harvesting Participant Shows Off Her Crafty Rain Barrel


The LA Stormwater Program was on hand for this year’s Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase on April 25th in celebration of Earth Day (and groovy gardens!). The event was organized by Mar Vista Green Committee to give area residents a glance at the creative and inexpensive ways to conserve outdoor water use.

One thing we know for sure is that this is a model community at the forefront of Los Angeles’ most progressive water conservation measures. Over 80 residents allowed the public to see firsthand a variety of sustainable, drought-resistant landscapes.

Mar Vista was one of the communities in our area that was selected to participate in the LA Rainwater Harvesting Program. Below is a video of one of its participants, Patricia Karasick, who is happy to show off her really cool rain barrel. It is our hope that Patricia’s creativity inspires others to not only go green, but to do so in a creative way!


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