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The digital age has provided animal lovers with many resources to discover everything from pet health and safety tips to the latest pet clothing trends. However, scouring through the abundance of information available can be overwhelming, especially for the busy dog owner. Fortunately, for those residents who want quick, trusted tips on how to protect their companion while also reducing their pets’ carbon paw print, the City of LA’s Stormwater Program is offering free dog-related electronic email updates.

Reaching more than 1,000 dog owners, LA Stormwater’s e-Updates offers the scoop on the latest news and events from its dog owner outreach program, pawsitive tips and opportunities to win free prizes and enter fun contests. This month’s issue offers insight into the “Take a Bag, Leave a Bag” pilot program, which is making it easier than ever for owners to pick up after their pooches at various parks in the city. Other highlights include a free dog training class giveaway (an $85 value), recognizing top eco-dogs and information on how owners can aid in reducing the overpopulation of pets by spaying and neutering their pet. Check out the latest issue by clicking here.

LA Stormwater’s pet owner outreach program was started to encourage owners to pick up after their pooches to help protect their pets’ health and preserve the environment. Unattended dog waste has been, and continues to be, a major pollutant for our environment. While indoor waste water is processed at sewage treatment plants before being discharged into our waterways, outdoor runoff washes waste on the ground directly to the ocean via the 1500-mile storm drain system. This means the toxic mix of dog waste and water often ends up untreated at our beaches and in the ocean, negatively impacting aquatic life. Moreover, unattended pet waste can cause diseases such as Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper and Giardia amongst people and pets.

Residents interested in learning more about how they, and their furry friends, can help LA achieve cleaner communities and a cleaner coast should become our pal at or visit us at


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