LA Rainwater Harvesting Program Generating Community Action and Buzz


The good news keeps on coming! We’ve had over 300 people who have submitted LA Rainwater Harvesting applications thus far and those sign-ups are currently being reviewed for eligibility. The installation stage (where we hook up free rain barrels, reroute downspouts or install free planter boxes) is slated to begin early September.

We want to thank everyone for making the program such a success to date and encourage you to continue to share this exciting Los Angeles Rainwater Harvesting momentum with your friends, families and neighbors! We still need your help in spreading the word.

You may have already seen us highlighted in some of our favorite and trusted blogs including L.A. Creek Freak, Green LA Girl, Mar Vista Green Gardens Showcase, LAist, Chance of Rain, Apartment Therapy, Inspire the Change and Your Daily Thread.

So whether it is via your blog, facebook or twitter, please remind people that every rain drop counts and let them know that they can join in on this win win Rainwater Harvesting pilot program. Direct them to our web site to find out more.

Free rain barrel, downspout disconnect, or planter box. Check.
Free installation. Check.
Save on your water costs. Check.
Save our ocean! Yes!


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  1. Avatar for LA Stormwater
    boom chick
    September 26th, 2009 at 11:41 am

    This is all good but….. First of all my neighbors have been doing this for years. They have a barrel outside their back door which is right outside my bedroom window. Very annoying to hear the pounding rain in the barrel while you're trying to sleep. We have had numerous arguments over this and finally they moved the barrel. Secondly, they don't always use up all the collected water so it sits and mosquitos form. We've had numerous arguments about that too. Just a couple problems to make you aware of.

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