Best Management Practices For Business

Best Management Practices For Business

Best Management Practices. The following Best Management Practices specifically address the environmental problems associated with each business category and are intended to reduce pollutants and non-stormwater discharges to the storm drain system to the maximum extent practicable.

All categories shall be required, at a minimum, to comply with the following BMP’s, when applicable. Acceptable fulfillment of all requirements is subject to approval by the Director of Sanitation or their authorized representative.


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Automotive Salvage Yards
Chemical Manufacturing Facilities
Fabricated Metal Products Facilities
Food and Related Products Facilities
Glass, Clay, Cement, Concrete and Gypsum Product Facilities
Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage or Disposal Facility
Land and Air Transportation Facility
Leather Tanning and Finishing Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities
Oil and Gas Extraction Facilities
Primary Metals Facilities
Printing and Publishing Facilities
Rubber and Plastic Product Manufacturing Facilities
Scrap and Waste Recycling Facilities
Steam Electric Power Generating Facilities
Textile Mills, Apparel and Other Fabric Manufacturing Facilities
Timber Product Facilities
Water Transportation and Ship Building and Repairing Facilities