Ballona Creek Bacteria TMDL Project

The Ballona Creek Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Project will achieve the water quality objectives established by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board that address elevated bacteria levels and the water quality impairments of Ballona Creek and Estuary during dry weather.

The project will utilize treatment and low-flow diversion technology at three existing locations along Ballona Creek, Sepulveda Channel and Centinela Creek where water treatment or water quality facilities are already in place.

This project will improve the water quality of Ballona Creek and Estuary by reducing bacteria levels, improve public health and the beneficial uses of Ballona Creek and Estuary, while also providing a new source of freshwater to offset potable water demand by diverting a portion of the runoff to the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant.

The cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Inglewood and West Hollywood, the County of Los Angeles, and the County of Los Angeles Flood Control District partnered together on this project with the City of Los Angeles, LA Sanitation taking the lead on the environmental review and project implementation. An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and the EIR and supporting CEQA documents are available below.


LA Sanitation released the Draft EIR in August 2017 for public comment. The comment period concluded on October 16, 2017. LA Sanitation considered the public comments received on the Draft EIR to prepare the Final EIR. The Final EIR was released in April 2018. The Los Angeles City Council certified the Final EIR approving the project on June 29, 2018.

PDF Documents Available for Download

Notice of Determination – Ballona Creek Bacteria TMDL (401KB)

Final EIR – Ballona Creek Bacteria TMDL Project (16.2MB)
Final EIR Appendices – Ballona Creek Bacteria TMDL Project (23.7MB)

Ballona Creek DEIR Public Meeting Posters (3MB)
Draft Environmental Impact Report (14.1MB)
Draft Report Appendices (17.8MB)

TMDL for Toxic Pollutants in Ballona Creek Estuary Implementation Plan (8MB)
Enhanced Watershed Management Program – Final Work Plan (7.2MB)