When Less Is More – In the Garden


Hey gardeners and home owners out there, did you know that you could reduce the amount of toxins in our waters by following a few easy rules?

It’s true and if you have a lawn or garden and occasionally use pesticides or herbicides to green it up, we have a little recommendation that could go a long way in helping keep our waterways clean .

First, always read directions on any product you plan to use on your lawn or garden, and only apply the amount of pesticide specified on the label. Second, always spot apply these substances on areas that you believe need them the most, and be sure pesticides are properly applied to the area the pest is most prevalent.

The less you use, the less that will make its way into the storm drain system and to our ocean. So when it comes to using pesticides, always remember that less is more.

Check back soon for another green gardening tip where we will discuss how to maintain your garden without using pesticides at all!

*Image courtesy of IPM Thailand


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