Rain Barrels and Cisterns

Rain Barrels and Cisterns

Rain barrels & cisterns collect and store rainwater from roofs for reuse in landscape irrigation. These containers are made of a water tight material, such as plastic or wood. The size of these containers can range in size from the standard 55 gallons for barrels  to thousands of gallons for a residential cistern

Why Harvest Rainwater?

Photo courtesy of Hey! Tanks LA

The reasons range from environmental to economic.
Here are just a few:

  • To Protect our Bays and Oceans - By capturing rainwater that falls on roofs, landowners help reduce the amount of runoff flowing into local rivers and creeks and ultimately into the Pacific Ocean, thereby improving the quality of our local waterways.
  • To Reduce Energy Demands - Water-related energy consumption in California accounts for nearly 20% of the state’s electricity. One inch of rain falling on 1,000 square feet of rooftop produces more than 600 gallons of water. If every homeowner replaced this amount of potable water with captured rain water, energy consumption in California would be reduced.
  • To Practice Water Conservation - California is a state with ongoing water supply challenges. Using rainwater for irrigation purposes helps conserve drinking water supplies.
  • To Recharge Underground Aquifers - Forty percent of Southern California’s drinking water comes from groundwater supplies. Harvesting rain water and allowing it to infiltrate into the ground replenishes underground aquifers.