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Paula Daniels Leaves Board of Public Works to Rally New Sustainable Food System For Los Angeles

By Tonya E. Durrell When I sat down with Paula Daniels, Senior Advisor to Mayor Villaraigosa, to talk about her new role in jumpstarting a sustainable regional food system in the City, it was clear that she would approach the challenge with the same savvy and vigor she brought to the Board of Public Works…

The Riverdale Green Street Project: Ribbon Cutting & Neighborhood Celebration on 9/29

Who among us hasn’t experienced the joy of planting a seed, nurturing the seedling and proudly watching it blossom into a young tree or flowering shrub. And so it goes with ideas. An idea is planted, nurtured and supported, and in time, that idea grows into a movement that positively changes lives and neighborhoods. The…

The Tale of Two Green Streets

All across America, the idea of “going green” has taken off. Everywhere people are beginning to understand that our day-to-day actions have had a cumulative impact on Earth. And, with that understanding comes the desire to reduce that effect with a greener lifestyle. “Green” has become the new gold standard for how we live our…

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