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LA Aqueduct To Celebrate Centennial

Los Angeles was a very different place in 1900. Its population was 100,000 residents, having exploded from 11,000 in 1880. Bunker Hill, the site of LA’s current towering skyscrapers was home to Victorian mansions. Development in the San Fernando Valley, known up until this time for its wheat farms and sheep ranches, was just beginning.…

LA Aqueduct Centennial Garden Breaks Ground

Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge, LADWP’s Senior Assistant General Manager James McDaniel and community members convened on Friday, August 9 at the recently-renovated Mulholland Memorial Fountain to break ground on the new Los Angeles Aqueduct Centennial Garden. They ceremoniously marked the start of construction on enhancements to the grounds surrounding the Los Feliz landmark that will…

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