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What’s In Your Box?

These days, everything from fast food to jewelry to video games comes in a box. Here at LA Stormwater, we have a pretty nifty box ourselves. It’s called a Booth In A Box and it’s filled with all sorts of fun and educational materials. If you’re the organizer of an upcoming information fair, resource festival,…

Teach LA’s Kids

The last rays of summer sunshine in LA mean the beginning of a brand new school year. To inspire your children as they go back to school, the Watershed Protection Program is proud to announce Teach LA’s Kids – a new, free online resource for teachers and parents seeking to educate students about the importance…

Ocean Schools Belong In Your School

Information about our oceans’ schools of fish and myriad other facts about our seas belong in school with your children! Learning about our planet’s many oceans, the critters who call it their home and teaching children about the positive impact their behavior can have on our oceans can be powerful! From fun field trips to…

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