Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Tons of Trash Kept from LA Waters

When it comes to trash, less is usually more. That is unless you are cleaning litter and debris from more than 30,000 catch basins in the City of Los Angeles. Then the sky’s the limit. In the last fiscal year, LA Sanitation removed a whopping 2,160 tons of trash from LA’s catch basins. In those…

Q: Should all electronics be recycled?

A: Yes—if you can’t donate them. The first thing to do with e-waste—a common name for all of those unwanted TVs, computers, phones, VCRs and other electronics—is to see if someone else might want them. Schools, libraries and charitable organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army may take newer models in good working condition. If…

storm Los Angeles

7 Ways LA is Ready for El Niño

El Niño is coming, and if predictions are correct, Los Angeles could get more than of 30 inches of rain in the next twelve months. That would make it the rainiest season since El Niño tracking began in the 1950s. For our drought-stricken Southland, the prospect of rain is great news. However, rain in Los…

rain Los Angeles

10 Ways to Weather El Niño

With California battling its fourth year of severe drought, it’s no wonder the prospect of an El Niño rainy season gets us excited. If current predictions are correct, LA could get more than 30 inches of rain in the next 12 months! Unfortunately, all of that rainfall will likely bring flooding and mudslides, as well as…

El Nino

Preparing for El Niño and El Monstruo

It’s been almost two decades since the last strong El Niño, but in the wake of Tropical Storm Dolores that dumped record-breaking amounts of rain on Los Angeles last month, many are speculating that our region’s next El Niño may already be here. Talk to experts and you’ll hear that the weather phenomenon sports a…

Ballona Creek

Biking for Better Waterways

Some 80 percent of the pollution in our oceans comes from land—and cars are a major culprit. Every day, the engines in our cars and trucks dribble small drops of oil onto our LA roads and parking lots. From there, it’s a short trek out to sea. Help curb car pollution by biking. It’s a…

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