Kickoff the Super Bowl with a Zero Waste Party

Let’s face it, whether or not you’re a football fan, you’ll likely be attending or hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday as the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles battle for the NFL title. Yes, it’s a chance to get together with family and friends and yell and cheer, but don’t forget that it’s also an opportunity to put some environmentally sustainable practices into play.

And why not go for the touchdown and host a Zero Waste Super Bowl Party?! Instead of just going green – go all the way to the end zone! If you’re up for the challenge, it may be equally as rewarding as seeing your team win the trophy. Here are a few simple tips to put in your party playbook:

  • Buy fresh food from the bulk section, the olive bar, salad bar, produce section, meat/ fish/ cheese counter, etc. Use your own bags and jars to hold them!
  • Make your own drinks using ingredients you probably already have at home:  
    • Lemons, lavender and sugar → lavender lemonade
    • Oranges  → fresh squeezed orange juice
    • Cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom, ginger, milk, sugar and black tea → chai
  • Use reusable items such as glassware, ceramic plates, cloth napkins, etc. and if you don’t have enough, ask guests to bring their own!
  • And don’t forget to… Compost, compost, compost! Recycle, recycle, recycle!

In the end, if you hold a Zero Waste Super Bowl Party, it’ll be a win-win-win for everyone involved. And even if your team doesn’t end up with the trophy, you will have scored big for Team Earth!


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