New Year, Green Beginnings

2018 is just around the corner!  If you decide to watch the ball drop on TV, host your own party, or paint the town red, check out our simple tips to ring in the new year in an environmentally-friendly way:

  • If you’re staying in:
    1. Use candles instead of lights to cut back on electricity usage.
    2. Cook at home rather than ordering out to save on packaging waste.
    3. Come up with eco-friendly New Year’s Resolutions to stay “green” all year long.
  • If you’re throwing a party:
    1. Send out virtual invites and ditch the paper.
    2. Get reusable decorations or make your own out of recyclable materials to eliminate more waste.
    3. Recycle champagne bottles to decrease pollution caused by waste.
  • If you’re going out:
    1. Use public transportation, a taxi, or a car sharing service to reduce fuel usage.
    2. Rent a dress or shop from a thrift or consignment store instead of buying new, cutting down on your environmental footprint.
    3. Ask for your beverages without a straw to minimize plastic use.

Follow these tips and you can start the year off right! Using less plastic, recycling, saving on electricity and fuel, etc. are all easy steps you can take that, whether directly or indirectly, can help keep LA’s watersheds clean and beautiful for the new year. Cheers!



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