Go Green Activities for Your Family

The school year is well underway and days are filled with sitting in classrooms learning the three R’s. We suspect that many of you are longing for that fourth “R” – Recreation – remembering the long days of summer spent outdoors and in the open air. Fear not! School may be in session, but there are still plenty of activities that your family can do – simple and free activities that will get the wiggles out while simultaneously protecting our environment.

  • Grow the food in your lunch: If you’ve never gardened before, growing herbs in an egg carton is an easy way to start! All you need is: an empty egg carton, seeds, potting mix, water and sunlight, and, voila! An herb garden grows. Next up? Graduate to a small container garden or a raised garden bed in your backyard. Before you know it, your kids will be harvesting lettuce and proudly placing it in their turkey sandwiches. Gardening is a great way to learn about nature and encourage healthy living.
  • Ditch the bottled water for a reusable bottle: And take it on a hike! You can help lower the number of plastic bottles that end up on your hiking trails, in the ocean and in landfills by simply buying a reusable water bottle. Did you know it takes plastic water bottles an average of 450 years to degrade? Do the Earth a big favor and bring your reusable water bottle.
  • Plant a tree: At your school, in your neighborhood, in your backyard, anywhere! Trees have many benefits, which include enhancing the aesthetics of a community, improving air quality, providing habitat for wildlife and reducing energy costs. Trees are beautiful AND functional. And, providing regular care for your tree by watering it (and maybe even giving it a hug every so often), you’re doing your part to provide much-needed care for Los Angeles’ urban forest. The folks at City Plants or TreePeople would love to talk to you about tree planting opportunities.  
  • Volunteer at a community cleanup: It’ll get you outside, exploring your neighborhood, a local park, a nearby river or one of LA’s beaches! By picking up trash in these areas, you will not only make these destinations more enjoyable to visit, but you will also minimize the amount of trash that flows into our local waterways, especially when it rains. It’s also a great way to show your children that you walk the talk and that we all need to be stewards of the environment! Friends of the LA River, Heal the Bay, LA Works and the Surfrider Foundation all offer volunteer cleanup opportunities throughout the year.

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