One Less Spark May Mean One Less Wildfire

The recent local fires and Santa Ana wind conditions here in Southern California are a reminder that fire season is here. Additionally, the increased vegetation in local hills as a result of the heavy rains this last winter means that there’s more fire fuel out there. To keep Angelenos safe during the next few months, here are a few reminders for residents from our friends at the California Wildfire Coordinating Group:

  • When cutting tall, dry grass, use string vegetation trimmers instead of mowers with metal blades.
  • Remove rocks! Remove rocks from dry grass or weeds before cutting. Metal mower blades hitting rocks can cause sparks, which can start wildfires.
  • Chainsaws spark! Ensure that chainsaws and other equipment have approved spark arrestors.
  • Cutting, welding, and grinding. Always sharpen, weld and grind on a paved enclosed area.
  • Be ready! Have water and a fire extinguisher readily available.
  • Report all fires by calling 9-1-1. Report the location, what is burning, how fast it is moving, how tall the flames are and what is in danger. Remember to stay on the phone with the operator.

For more information on fire preparedness, visit the Los Angeles Fire Department or the California Wildfire Coordinating Group. Remember one less spark may mean one less wildfire!

Reprinted with permission from the California Wildfire Coordinating Group.


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