What’s In Your Box?

These days, everything from fast food to jewelry to video games comes in a box.

Here at LA Stormwater, we have a pretty nifty box ourselves. It’s called a Booth In A Box and it’s filled with all sorts of fun and educational materials. If you’re the organizer of an upcoming information fair, resource festival, farmer’s market or block party, you’ll want to get one! We coordinate with event organizers to develop a tailor-made assortment of outreach materials that can include brochures, tip cards, posters, pens, coloring books and stickers. We’ll even throw in a tablecloth, literature holders and appropriate signage to give the table a polished, professional look! In return for the free outreach materials, the event organizer identifies a volunteer to sit at the table and distribute the materials to the event attendees. 

Here’s how easy it is to get your own free Booth In A Box:

1. Visit our Booth In A Box page to learn more about this program and fill out our Booth In A Box form.

2. Coordinate with LA Stormwater staff regarding the pick-up / drop-off of outreach materials. You’ll need to identify a secure place to store the outreach materials.

3. Set up the LA Stormwater table and have a volunteer available to sit at the table and distribute educational materials.

4. Tell us about your event on Facebook!

It’s a win-win! LA Stormwater gets its outreach materials out to the public and you get important environmental information for your event attendees – all at no cost to the City or event organizers. 

So, what’s in your box?


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