Stormwater Slam Dunk

March Madness is all around us, and like everyone else, we’re focused on college basketball’s Final Four! Here at LA Stormwater, we have our own Final Four… four stormwater capture projects that have gone above and beyond this past winter, capturing hundreds of millions of gallons of rain water and helping to create a more sustainable Los Angeles. Angelenos, meet your stormwater Final Four:

#4 South Los Angeles Wetlands Park – During the month of February alone, this man-made wetland nestled in the LA River watershed captured 18 million gallons of rainwater. On top of capturing and infiltrating rainwater into underground aquifers, this Proposition O-funded project provides much-needed green space and habitat in the heart of LA.

#3 Tuxford Green Multi-Use Project – This project is a true MVP! Located at the intersection of Tuxford Street and San Fernando Road, this location was notorious for flooding until the Tuxford Green Multi-Use Project, was built. Today, this intersection makes the evening news for a different reason. During February, the Tuxford Green Multi-Use Project captured 32 million gallons of water. That’s enough water to fill 48 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

#2 Penmar Stormwater Capture, Use and Water Quality Project – Hiding under Penmar Park’s baseball field is a massive reservoir, which captures and holds 2.75 million gallons of rain water. Once caught, the rain water is either diverted to the City’s sanitary sewer system for treatment and reuse or filtered and used to irrigate Penmar’s golf course and playing fields. Here’s why this project is our #2 Project – in February, Penmar captured a whopping 60 million gallons of rain water.

#1 Temescal Canyon Park Stormwater Capture and Use Project – Our top-ranked stormwater project is located just up the road from Will Rogers State Beach. Like so many of the projects funded by Proposition O, the Temescal Canyon Park Stormwater Capture and Use Project boasts multiple benefits. It significantly reduces the amount of pollutants flowing into Santa Monica Bay while simultaneously capturing rain water. So how much rain water has it captured? In February alone, this all-star captured a staggering 63 million gallons of rain water.

Combined, these Final Four stormwater projects captured 173 million gallons of rain water in February. Now that’s a stormwater slam dunk!

Photo courtesy of LA Stormwater.


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