Show Mother Earth Some Love

With love and relationships taking center stage on February 14, we’re highlighting a few relationships you won’t hear much about on Valentine’s Day – relationships that will make Mother Earth smile. 

Celebrate A Long-Term Relationship! LA Sanitation has been implementing a recycling program for more than 25 years. Now that’s a committed relationship! Crews collect thousands of tons of waste from City-issued black, blue and green bins on a daily basis. Much of this material is then recycled or turned into mulch, creating a more sustainable future for LA.

Get Out of A Toxic Relationship! Many of us have a toxic relationship with household hazardous waste. We just don’t know when to give unwanted paint, pesticides, used motor and filters the boot! Those pesky toxins have a way of hanging out in the dark corner of a garage for years. The good news is that this is one toxic relationship that’s easy to get out of! Many automotive stores recycle used motor oil and filters and all unwanted household hazardous waste can be safely disposed of at a LA Sanitation SAFE Center.

Explore A New Relationship! Get out there and try something new by volunteering with a local non-profit to make a difference. Local groups such as TreePeople, Heal the Bay and Friends of the LA River have volunteer opportunities available monthly. It’s time to take a chance on a new relationship and care for LA’s urban forest or participate in a local community or beach clean-up.

So, what’s your relationship status? Whether you’re celebrating a long term relationship, getting out of a toxic one or taking a chance on a new adventure this Valentine’s Day, these are all opportunities to positively impact one relationship that will never go away – your bond with our planet. So, this February 14 go show Mother Earth some love!



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