New Broadway Stormwater Project Unveiled

Councilmember Curren Price Jr., representing the New 9th District, and other city officials unveiled the new Broadway Neighborhood Stormwater Greenway Project today at a ribbon cutting ceremony at Paradise Baptist Church in South Los Angeles.

The project included the installation of a 417,000-gallon underground infiltration basin below the parking lot of Paradise Baptist Church. Four parkway swales on Broadway and eight stormwater drywells were also installed in sections of sidewalks on 47th Street, 48th Place, 48th Street, and 49th Street.

“It gives me so much pleasure to see the Broadway Neighborhood Stormwater Greenway project completed. This public-private partnership has demonstrated an innovative way for various agencies to collaborate on improving our environment, and to help maintain a healthy, clean and thriving community in which all residents can be proud to call home.,” said Councilmember Curren Price Jr.

The project was brought to life through the leadership of 19 neighbors on 47th Street, 48th Place and 48th Street, who landscaped their homes with rain gardens with native plants, channel drains, and the replacement of grass lawns with mulch, thus demonstrating how all residents can easily participate in these types of water-saving programs.

The new Broadway Neighborhood Stormwater Greenway project removes stormwater pollutants and helps beautify the neighborhood. The improvements help clean stormwater before it reaches the ocean and help replenish groundwater while reducing the amount of water used for irrigation.

“LA Sanitation is committed to protecting public health and the environment in all corners of the City. This stormwater capture and filtering project in the Broadway Corridor is a great example of how we partner with a community to develop projects that benefit a neighborhood from the ground up,” said LA Sanitation General Manager, Enrique C. Zaldivar, P.E.


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