The Sun and Sea: Kids Ocean Day 2014

You’d think after two-plus decades, Kids Ocean Day would become ho-hum. But every year, when those first school buses begin winding their way down the beach access road at Dockweiler State Beach, our hearts skip a beat. Watching thousands of Los Angeles school children come together for a massive beach cleanup and aerial art performance simply never gets old.

Every Kids Ocean Day makes history in our eyes. But some stand out a little more vividly in our memories. The years it rained or was cold enough for winter caps, for instance. Or the year the fog was so thick we had to land the helicopter and take a photo of the aerial art from a nearby hill. And then there was yesterday with temperatures in the 90s and blazing sun, making it feel more like mid-August than May.

While every year is different, one thing remains the same. The kids who come out to help protect the ocean from litter and pollution are unstoppable. Year after year, they enthusiastically clean up the beach and become voices of the ocean, teaching the world that our actions have an impact. Through rain or shine, they are the heroes of Kids Ocean Day. What’s more they’re really photogenic. This year’s aerial art is one of our favorites.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help this year. See you back at the beach next spring!




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