FoLAR’s La Gran Limpieza: 25 Years of L.A. River Love

Centuries ago, the Los Angeles River and its banks were a lush landscape that provided original settlers much of their sustenance for everyday living. Today, Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) works to restore the river’s 51 miles to their former glory. And you can help by joining the 25th Annual La Gran Limpieza: The Great L.A. River CleanUp.

In honor of the silver jubilee year, FoLAR is offering three Saturdays of river cleanup: April 26 at sites in the Valley, May 3 at spots along the Glendale Narrows and May 10 at lower river locations. Check the FoLAR website for cleanup locations, maps, a quick and handy trash-sort training video and tips on what to bring.

And if you need a little inspiration, here are three good reasons to get in on the fun:

1.  It’s all one water. Because the L.A. River flows right into the Pacific, all that uncollected litter harms aquatic creatures and the ecosystems of both the river and the sea.  

2. You’ll be working toward a brighter future. Mayor Eric Garcetti supports a $1 billion river revitalization plan that would broaden and revamp an 11-mile stretch of waterway just north of downtown. In the meantime, community cleanups like La Gran Limpieza are one of the most powerful ways to help regenerate a precious natural resource.

3. It’s National Community Service Month. Cleanups not only help the river—they help you, too. They’re a great get-together opportunity, and studies show that volunteering can do you good by fighting depression and keeping your heart healthy.

Can’t make La Gran Limpieza this year? Some of our favorite water-protecting partners host local cleanup events throughout the spring and summer. Find one you like and sign up!

 *Photo courtesy KCET.


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