Ask LA Stormwater: Can dog waste go in the green bin?

A: First, we want to thank you for picking up your dog waste! A single gram of dog poop can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which has health risks for other dogs and humans as well as our local rivers, lakes and bays.

Now back to your question. You cannot dispose of pet waste—even pet waste in a biodegradable bag—in the green waste bin. All of those bacteria we mentioned could contaminate the contents of the container and potentially the whole truck load of green waste. If dog waste is found in the mix, the green waste can’t be composted and must go into the landfill. That would be a shame.

So toss your dog waste into the black trash bin and save the green bin for

  • Food scraps from fruits, veggies and grains. Think of the green bin as vegan. Don’t put any scraps in that contain animal products, such as meat, milk, cheese or eggs.
  • Grass, leaves, old flowers, weeds, palm fronds and tree branches, Christmas trees and clean wood. Be sure to remove any nails or wire before you put them in the bin.

And remember, LA Stormwater has free dog waste bags for Los Angeles residents. Click here to order yours! 


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