Five Eco-Resolutions You’ll Keep

Let’s be honest. The lifespan of a typical New Year’s resolution is roughly that of a housefly. Somewhere around 15 to 30 days after making a solemn vow to go to the gym every morning, we start getting sluggish. We hit the snooze button a few extra times and promise to make up lost workouts on the weekend, and suddenly our resolution is buzzing helplessly on the window sill, unable to fly.

Well not this year. We’ve got resolutions so simple and so free of sacrifice that they will become a living, breathing part of your life. The best part? They’ll also help our local rivers, creeks and ocean continue to thrive. 

  1. Work the car wash. Professional car washes reclaim all of that dirty, soapy water, which keeps oil, grease and toxic fluids from washing into the storm drains and out to ocean.   
  2. Pick up after your pooch. A single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. Always carry bags with you on a walk to pick up the poop. We’ll even get you started with a free leash canister and bags.
  3. Go for grasscycling. After mowing, leave grass clippings on the lawn. They act as a natural fertilizer and, because grass is mostly water, they irrigate too.
  4. Use rainwater. We don’t get much rain in LA, but you can make the most of every drop by planting a rain garden of native plants or installing a handy rain barrel under the rain gutter.
  5. Let litter have it. This one is easy. Don’t litter—and pick up trash when you see it on the ground. That small act of civic kindness will help keep debris off of the beaches and out of the ocean. If you want to really give litter the heave ho, you can join us at a cleanup event.

Have your own eco-resolutions? We want to hear them! Share them with us in the comments section below.



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