Environmental Fun For The Holidays

Happy Holidays from LA Stormwater!

The kids are out of school and the holidays are upon us. While it’s always fun to have your children at home, with all that needs to be done, we know you’ll be looking for activities to keep your little elves entertained and occupied while you wrap presents, bake another batch of cookies or write those last few holiday cards.

Here’s a fun and educational activity that you may want to consider. LA Sanitation has an interactive web page that teaches children to love LA and keep it clean! Created for young and old alike, the website uses games and activities on recycling and litter prevention to encourage environmental responsibility. The online games focus on recycling knowledge and practices, recycling truck operations and litter prevention in a fun way that can be safely played on your desktop computer at home.

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the games that include Match It!, Fishing Frenzy and Mr. Recycle’s Game Show among others. These games challenge players to sort items into the correct bin, capture trash before it flows to the ocean, and test one’s knowledge of trivia and recycling facts. The kids will love the memorable environmental super hero-type characters, and you’ll appreciate that your children are learning how to take care of the environment while you take care of those last minute holiday details.

Photos courtesy of Brian J. Matis and alexanderward12.


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