Time To Summerize LA!

Beach.Umbrella.pafotofanEven though the official start of summer is June 21, here in Southern California, we all know that summer really begins on Memorial Day weekend.

It’s the beginning of a fun-filled season packed with trips to the beach, picnics at the park and backyard pool parties. Here are a few simple tips to keep you and your summer activities safe and healthy!

  • Get the Grade Before You Go! Heal the Bay just released their 2013 Beach Report Card that provides all the information you need about the health of the beach you’re planning to visit. California’s beaches are improving every year, but we still have a way to go before every beach gets an A grade. Be sure and check this great online resource before you head off to the shore for some fun in the sun.
  • Leave No Trash Behind! One way that you can help Los Angeles’ beaches achieve that “A” is to leave no trash behind during your summer outings. Whether you’re visiting one of LA’s many beaches or a local park, be sure everything you brought with you – from trash to towels to everything in between – is packed up and taken home with you and disposed of properly. It’ll keep our parks pristine and our beaches beautiful for your next visit!
  • Is your pool summer-ready? Keep a few simple tips in mind while maintaining your swimming pool during the summer months and you’ll keep LA’s waterways sparkling clean as well. Los Angeles does allow for the discharge of swimming pool water into the storm drain system but it’s important to de-chlorinate or de-brominate the water by allowing it to sit for a few days prior to discharging it into the gutter or sewer system. More swimming pool tips can be found here
  • Install a Waterwise Yard! The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offers many different programs to help customers save money by reducing their outdoor water use. The California Friendly® Landscape Incentive Program is a great way to save money and, more importantly, save water. Why not start now?

  • Children can create a clean coast! With the kids out of school, take this opportunity to get them involved in a beach or community clean-up. Check out our online calendar for monthly volunteer opportunities.  In the process, you’ll educate and empower kids about how their individual actions can positively affect their environment. 

Summer in Los Angeles is the season of fun. Let’s keep it that way and each do our part to summerize!

Photos courtesy of klmontgomery and Pafotofan.



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