Penmar Park – A Premier Prop O Project

Penmar.Park.Ribbon.Cutting.2Los Angeles Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, along with representatives from the Departments of Public Works and Recreation and Parks, joined the Venice community on April 15, 2013 in celebrating the completion of the Penmar Water Quality Improvement Project at Penmar Park.

The $14 million voter-approved Proposition O-funded project promises to improve the quality of stormwater runoff that flows into the coastal waters off Venice Beach. The partnership project between the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica also boasts LA’s largest stormwater storage tank, measuring 180 feet wide by 20 feet deep and holding a staggering 2.75 million gallons of water. Located underground, this massive tank will store water that will either be diverted to the City’s sanitary sewer system for treatment or filtered and used to irrigate Penmar’s golf course and the very baseball field beneath which it is stored.

“This Prop O stormwater project is an engineering masterpiece,” said Councilmember Rosendahl. “I applaud the City departments that collaborated on a system to clean stormwater runoff that flows into Santa Monica Bay, as well as store water for reuse. This project will show future generations that we care about the environment and the people who live here.” Throughout the construction of the project, Councilmember Rosendahl used his YouTube channel to show the project’s progress and remind viewers that this green project created 30 jobs.  

“This is a great symbol of a paradigm shift in the City of Los Angeles,” said Mark Gold, founder of Heal the Bay. “Not only does this tremendous project continue to clean up Santa Monica Bay and make it safe for swimmers to go to the beach without getting sick, it also captures runoff that should not be wasted.” 

Fran Diamond serves on Proposition O’s Citizen Oversight Advisory Committee and commented that this project tackles our water issues on two fronts. “We’re solving the problem of water supply as well as water quality. I’m thrilled that millions of gallons of stormwater will go to irrigate Penmar Park instead of flowing out to the bay and making people sick.”

The second phase of the project – the installation of the baseball field’s irrigation system – will begin later this year.

Photo courtesy of City of Los Angeles, Council District 11, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl.


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