December 20 Is A Day Without A Bag

Could you go for one day without using a plastic bag? That’s the concept behind Heal the Bay’s annual education and grassroots event entitled A Day Without A Bay. It involves community groups, businesses, governmental agencies and individuals coming together to encourage consumers to forego single-use, plastic shopping bags in favor of reusable bags for just one day.

Held the third Thursday in December, this year’s event will take place this week, on December 20. On this one day, Heal the Bay with its sponsors, which include LA Sanitation, Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons and Earthwise Bag Company, Inc., is asking holiday shoppers to use reusable bags with the hope that this day of action will encourage people to go plastic bag-free throughout 2013. What a great new year’s resolution, right? The event will include store promotions and free reusable bags at certain giveaway locations

And, there’s a fun new twist this year. In conjunction with A Day Without A Bag, Heal the Bay is also sponsoring a Rock Your Reusables contest. Take a picture of you or your friends using reusable bags, submit it to Heal the Bay, and you could win a t-shirt or other great prizes.

Did you know that every year California municipalities spend nearly $25 million just to collect and properly dispose of plastic bag waste and that less than 5% of plastic grocery bags are recycled annually in LA? It’s time to change that!  Let’s all work towards a day…a month…and ultimately a Los Angeles without a bag!

LA Sanitation is a proud sponsor of Heal the Bay’s 2012 A Day Without A Bag.

Photo courtesy of Mr. T in DC.



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