Kids4Trees Launches Environmental Program

On September 6, Kids4Trees will launch an environmental program for elementary schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The LAUSD is the second largest school district in the United States, with almost 700,000 students, half of which are in elementary schools. California law mandates the teaching of environmental education; however, many schools cannot afford to offer such a course.  The half-day in-school Kids4Trees program helps satisfy this requirement, with rotating 15-minute workshops covering topics such as trees, soil/water, wildlife, recycling/litter, climate change and public lands. This is followed by tree planting exercises, children singers and inspirational speakers. Students are also encouraged to paint or create other art related to trees and the environment. Additionally, there will be approximately 15 programs each year in the Angeles National Forest, which will feature tree planting in burned out areas as well as workshops and speakers.

Kids4Trees is a non-profit public benefit corporation that was organized in 2008 with the purpose of providing free meaningful and enjoyable outdoor forest education for elementary-aged students. In school programs the children plant trees on campus and often take seedlings home, where they are planted in their gardens or nearby parks. There, the children learn to care for their trees.

Partnering with Kids4Trees on this program is the US Forest Service, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, Los Angeles County Fire Department, the US EPA’s Office of Education and Environment, LA Sanitation, LA Bureau of Street Services Urban Forestry Division, California Department of Fish and Game and the Social Justice Learning Institute

All events are offered free to local schools, thanks to the generous cash and in-kind donations.  Please e-mail Kids4Trees at or visit Kids4Trees to learn more about this program and how your child’s school can get involved!

Photos courtesy of Kids4Trees.


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