New Law Gets LA Closer to Waste Reduction Goal

Mandatory commercial recycling became effective in California on July 1 as a result of Assembly Bill 341. According to the new legislation, businesses that have more than four cubic yards of trash per week, or multifamily residential properties with five or more units, are required to arrange for recycling services. Property owners can comply by arranging for a waste hauler to collect recyclables from recycling bins on the property or by arranging to have a waste hauler separate the recyclables from the trash at a special facility.

“Assembly Bill 341 is an important step in Los Angeles’ local commitment to reducing waste by 70% by 2013 and reducing our city’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions,” said Cathie Chavez-Morris, Acting Environmental Supervisor with the Bureau of Sanitation. The Bureau of Sanitation offers programs that can assist multifamily residences and businesses affected by this new mandate.  The programs currently offered to residents include a free multifamily residential recycling program and waste audit assistance for businesses seeking to reduce the trash they create.

“When a business reduces the trash they create, they may also realize some significant cost savings in their trash bill,” continued Chavez-Morris. “LA Sanitation provides guidance documents to multifamily residences and businesses interested in calculating potential savings.” Business owners or residents interested in learning how to comply with the new requirements, searching for answers to frequently asked questions, or seeking guidance documents on establishing a successful recycling program can visit LA Sanitation’s AB341 web site.

For additional information on Mandatory Commercial Recycling (AB 341), please visit the California Resources Recycling and Recovery web site. Related programs within the City include:

Multifamily Recycling Program at (213) 473-4142 or

Business Waste Assessment Program at (213) 485-3888 or

Photo courtesy of Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation.




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