Proposition O: Focused on Clean Water

Here we are in the middle of summer, a time when temps rise and our collective focus is on clean water – swimming in it, playing near it, boating on it. So, we thought this would be a good time to update you on Proposition O, the $500 million voter-approved clean water program to clean up those beaches, rivers and lakes that we all enjoy so much during these hot summer months.

Seventeen of the planned 33 stormwater improvement projects from Proposition O are now complete. From constructed wetlands to the rehabilitation of iconic lakes to the diversion of polluted runoff flowing near the beach to the City’s Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant, Proposition O funds pay for projects that will reduce the amount of pollutants flowing into LA’s rivers, creeks, lakes and ocean. The remaining 16 projects are due to be completed within the next few years. “Proposition O has turned out to be a great investment by the voters because the projects it has funded have been instrumental towards reducing bacteria and trash contamination in Santa Monica Bay and the Los Angeles River,” states Adi Liberman, Chair of the Proposition O Citizen’s Oversight Advisory Committee. “Our committee’s close review indicates that, due to Proposition O funding, the city has been able to reduce trash in the Los Angeles River by 70% and earn high grades for beach water quality along the city’s portion of the Santa Monica Bay coastline.”

The following is a full listing of the 33 Proposition O-funded projects that have either been completed, are in the design or construction phase or are still to come.

Proposition O Completed Projects

Catch Basin Inserts and Covers (Phases 1 and 2)

Cesar Chavez Groundwater Improvement

Grand Boulevard Tree Wells

Hansen Dam Wetlands Restoration

Imperial Highway Sunken Median

Inner Cabrillo Beach Bacterial Water Quality Improvement

Los Angeles Zoo Parking Lot

Mar Vista Recreation Center Improvements

Oros Green Street

Peck Park Canyon Enhancement

Santa Monica Bay Low-Flow Diversion Upgrades (Packages 1, 2 and 4)

South Los Angeles Wetlands Park

Westminster Dog Park

Westside Park Rainwater Irrigation Project

Proposition O Projects In Design / Construction Phase

Albion Dairy Park Land Acquisition, Demolition and Remediation

Catch Basin Opening Screen Covers (Phase 3)

Santa Monica Bay Low-Flow Diversion Upgrade (Coastal Interceptor Relief Sewer – Package 3)

Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation

Penmar Water Quality Improvement Project (Phase 1)

Rosecrans Recreation Center Stormwater Enhancements

Temescal Canyon Park Stormwater Enhancements (Phase 1)

Proposition O Projects Still to Come

Elmer Avenue Phase II: Elmer Paseo

Glenoaks-Sunland Stormwater Capture

Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehabilitation

Penmar Water Quality Improvement Project (Phase 2)

Strathern Wetlands Park

Taylor Yard River Park Land Acquisition

Temescal Canyon Park Stormwater Enhancements (Phase 2)

Westchester Stormwater Improvement

Wilmington Drain Rehabilitation

So get out there and have fun this summer at cleaner beaches and new parks compliments of Proposition O. Proposition O and the dedicated City staff behind it will continue to focus on its job – delivering projects that are transforming our communities and our coast by creating greener neighborhoods and improving water quality.

Photos courtesy of  elfidomx, Tom Rydquist and young grasshopper.


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