Green Thumbs Galore at Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase

By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater Public Education Manager

I have a brown thumb. I’ll be the first to admit it. Being the daughter of two farmers, you would think I’d have more luck when it came to growing plants, or at the very least, keeping them alive. Sadly, I didn’t inherit my parents’ “farmer genes,” and my love of the environment (and all the beautiful foliage that goes along with it) doesn’t seem to translate into having the talent to grow the trees, flowers and bushes that one finds in the natural world.

My total lack of gardening prowess is why I have always been fascinated by garden tours. I am amazed and in complete “ah!” at the ability these gardeners display when they open their yards and invite the world to view their handiwork.  This month, one garden tour, in particular, merits your attention. The 4th Annual Green Garden Showcase on April 21, sponsored by the Mar Vista Community Council, is a free tour that features 90 private resident gardens broken into six compact self-guided walking tours throughout Mar Vista. The tour showcases drought-resistant landscapes and edible gardens with sustainability features that range from composting techniques to water capture practices. In a nod to the role that gardens play in regional water quality, this year the tour places special emphasis on the critical need for ocean friendly and California-native gardens. Enhancing the garden tour experience and providing added knowledge and experience will be special guest presenters stationed at many gardens. It’s also a great way to get out and meet do-it-yourself gardeners and learn how to improve your own garden back at home.

So, while my brown thumb and I don’t have any plans to replicate the beauty that’ll be showcased at the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, I will be attending to celebrate and marvel at the displayed talent of those folks who are blessed with green thumbs!

Photos courtesy of Mar Vista Community Council.


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