Littering is Wrong, Too!

So what do littering, networking at a funeral and gas station sushi all have in common? They are all wrong according to a new ad campaign launched by Keep Los Angeles Beautiful in partnership with Keep California Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful to get people talking about littering. By equating littering with ridiculous, irrational and thoughtless “wrongs,” the campaign hopes to change perceptions of those who litter and induce a long-term positive change in behavior which will lead to a cleaner, more beautiful city.

The campaign addresses an ongoing issue across the United States. More than 51 billion pieces of litter land on our nation’s roadways every year – that’s 6,700 pieces of trash per mile! And, the costs associated with cleaning up this mess are just as high. Every year small businesses, government agencies and community groups pay more than $11 billion to keep our cities clean. The consequences reach further than merely economic. Litter takes its toll on quality of life, property values, housing prices and has huge environmental consequences in our creeks, rivers and beaches.

Look for Littering is Wrong, Too! campaign billboards and bus shelters around Los Angeles. You’ll see a lot of really wrong ideas. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you shake your head. Hopefully, they’ll all get you talking with your friends and family that littering is wrong, too.

We want to hear from you! Visit Littering is Wrong, Too! to write your own wrong and share it with us here at LA Stormwater.


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