Do Put Some Spring in Your Step

By Joyce Amaro, Los Angeles Stormwater Public Education Manager

As I drove into the office this morning, it wasn’t hard to believe that Spring has sprung. Budding trees, flowering bushes, blue skies, warmer temps – it all reminded me that spring is here – a time of renewal and rebirth that we can count on every year.

For many of us in the world of environmental advocacy, it’s easy to get focused on the do’s and don’ts of pollution prevention. Do put your trash in a trash can. Don’t overuse pesticides. Do pick up after your dog. Don’t use plastic bags. We love to remind people about these good housekeeping practices, and it’s easy to overlook the big picture, the reason why we are promoting these practices. Don’t get me wrong. Do’s and don’ts are important and necessary as we collectively tackle the ongoing challenge of getting people to change their behavior. But, on a day like today, perhaps we should put them on the backshelf and get out into Los Angeles’ natural world – a world that we often forget exists here in a city of four million people – and simply enjoy the environment that we’re working so hard to protect and preserve.

So, as we enter Spring, I encourage you to do just that. Go for a hike in the hills of Elysian Park. Take a walk through Debs Regional Park. Stroll along the Los Angeles River. Explore the tide pools at Cabrillo Beach. It’ll remind you that we do indeed live in a city filled with creeks, rivers, hills and valleys. It’ll put some spring in your step and restore your spirit. And, it’ll renew your commitment to practice all those do’s and don’ts when you get home.


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