Turning Los Angeles into the City of Green Angels

These days, green is everywhere. From shamrocks to the first buds of spring  – emerald is the color of choice this time of year!  In the spirit of continuing his goal of making Los Angeles the greenest big city in the nation, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently issued a new challenge to LA’s more than 40,000 City employees – let’s become a City of Green Angels.

The Green Angel Challenge focuses on employees leading the way towards reducing water and power usage. LA’s employees have already built the nation’s largest recycling program, reduced asthma-causing pollutants by 80% at the Port and created water conservation programs so successful that Los Angeles now uses less water today than it did in 1972, despite the fact that 1 million more people live in the southland today.

Working together and making simple behavior changes, employees can save a considerable amount of energy. This challenge has the added bonus of also saving the City some substantial green dollars as well. The tips are easy – report a leaking faucet, turn out the lights to rooms/bathrooms when you exit, take the stairs instead of the elevator, turn off your computer and your desk lights at the end of the day.

Here at LA Stormwater, we’re all about working as a team to achieve the goal of conserving energy. Won’t you join us and become a Green Angel, too? It’s easy to do and will save you some green in the process. We’d love to hear how you’re becoming a Green Angel. Share your simple energy-conserving tip with us.

Let’s work together and turn the entire City of Los Angeles green.


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