New Edition of LID Handbook Released

Dear Clean Water Supporter:

The Bureau of Sanitation is pleased to present the 4th Edition of the  Development Best Management Practices Handbook – Part B: Planning Activities. The 4th Edition incorporates Low Impact Development (LID) principals and strategies that will assist developers in meeting the requirements of the pending LID Ordinance and is presented in three parts: Part B Handbook, Part B Handbook: Appendix A-E and Part B Handbook: Appendix F-L.

This version of the 4th Edition incorporates comments from our stakeholders and technical advisory group, which were received and evaluated for inclusion in the handbook. The Bureau will present the Handbook to the Board of Public Works for their consideration in late June. Then, the LID Ordinance with its accompanying Handbook will be presented to the City Council for their consideration and approval in early July.

The Bureau would like to thank all stakeholders who participated in the workshops and to the Technical Advisory Committee for their input and guidance in the development of this Handbook.


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Shahram Kharaghani

L.A. Stormwater Program Manager


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