Clean Water Begins with You

When it rains it pours. At least that was the case for part of December here in Southern California, with more rainfall likely in the near future. As we’ve noted before, rains can wash unwanted trash through our storm drain system where it ends up polluting our watershed and ocean beaches.

Friends of Ballona Wetlands Executive Director Lisa Fimiani recently wrote about what she witnessed as water carried debris and litter through the Ballona Creek Watershed. While frustrated by what she saw, she has some great insights into how we can work together to reduce stormwater pollution.

“Those of us who live in the Ballona Creek Watershed are used to seeing plastic bags and bottles and styrofoam containers in Ballona Creek – especially after a storm event. Well, we’ve had quite a few lately with more to come,” writes Lisa Fimiani. “This is a mindset – everyone in our watershed has to consider this a priority and take responsibility of what they see – we all need to have a sense of ownership of our watershed!”

Lisa Fimiani wants action; not only on the part of the City, but also of citizens to act when they see potential stormwater dangers in their neighborhoods. We can all do our part to chip in and make sure litter does not make its way into the storm drain system, and the Stormwater Program is here to help.

To report pollution on public property that you believe will harm our waterways and beaches please call our 24-hour hotline at (800) 974-9794.

*Photo courtesy of Friends of Ballona Wetlands


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