City Invites All to Participate in LA River Metals Workshop II on July 1st

Dear Team:

The City of Los Angeles invites you to participate as a stakeholder in the second workshop for the Los Angeles River Metals TMDL Implementation Plan, being developed for the City’s portion of the watershed.

The second workshop is scheduled for:
Wednesday, July 1, 2009
1:00 to 3:00 PM
Los Angeles River Center
570 West Avenue 26, #100

In this workshop, the main focus will be on the Identification of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Three major topics will be discussed: BMP selection strategy, identifying preliminary BMP sites, and watershed collaboration.

This Implementation Plan is being developed during 2009 to comply with urban runoff/stormwater management regulations established in the Metals TMDL for the Los Angeles River watershed.

Specific goals of the Implementation Plan include:

  • Identify pollution hot spots and prioritize the drainage areas to be addressed;
  • Identify Best Management Practices (BMPs) for reducing pollution in urban runoff and select and verify potential locations for implementation of BMPs; and
  • Create an integrated implementation plan that incorporates other benefits whenever possible, such as increasing open space, creating green streets, and beneficially reusing stormwater.

Under the direction of the Watershed Protection Division, the Metals TMDL Implementation Plan will be completed in January 2010.

Please RSVP by June 26, 2009 to Seth Carr at or (213) 485-3961 by providing your name and the number of guests that will be in attendance.


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