City Celebrates South Los Angeles Wetlands Park Project

Yesterday, the City held a groundbreaking ceremony marking the introduction of another Proposition O-funded project aimed to divert rainwater and treat urban runoff in a in a densely populated area of South Los Angeles.

LA residents’ overwhelming approval of the City’s clean water bond program (Prop O) has led to a $26-million project that will transform a historic rail yard into a neighborhood resource of open park space, wetlands habitat, and community facilities.

The overall goal of the project is to help the City meet water quality regulations, known as Total Maximum Daily Loads or TMDLs, enacted by the Regional Water Quality Control Board for the Los Angeles River watershed. The project will span an entire city block, and will divert and treat storm drain flow from a 525-acre watershed area. Average daily water diversion is estimated at approximately 14,000 gallons and average dry weather daily water treatment is estimated at 80,000 gallons.

The wetlands park will also provide valuable green space and educational opportunities for through features such as a pocket park, trails and signage, wildlife viewing areas, and the renovation of a existing building into a multi-use center for the community. The photo is a southeast aerial view of the proposed plan to transform the existing railway into green space and trails.

For more information on this project, read the LA Stormwater Program’s past newsletter article. For more information on other Prop O projects, visit

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