LASWP Conducts Middle School Presentations at Valley Alternative

As part of the LA Stormwater Program’s school outreach component to educate students about stormwater pollution issues and encourage young people to be environmentally conscious, 6 middle school presentations were conducted at Valley Alternative Magnet School in Van Nuys on April 1, 2009.

A total of 202 students grade 6-8 were educated on the connection between the storm drain system and the ocean, the environmental impacts of stormwater pollution and simple steps, such as recycling and not littering, that every student can take to improve water quality in their community.

At the end of each presentation, 3 questions about stormwater pollution were posed to students. When the students answered the question correctly, he/she was rewarded with a t-shirt highlighting the message “Clean water starts with me”.

The Los Angeles Stormwater Program regularly conducts presentations at City of LA schools. To request a presentation at your school, please email

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