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Do Sweat The Small Stuff

By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater I honestly didn’t expect to find much trash on the impromptu “micro community clean-up” my six-year old son and I did in our neighborhood a few days ago in honor of the upcoming California Coastal Cleanup Day on September 20. We live in a part of southeastern Alhambra historically known…

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We Have a Dream

At LA Stormwater, we like to dream big. We have a dream that one day the ocean will be free of plastic and other litter. Beaches won’t need to be closed after a rainstorm and aquatic life will flourish. We have a dream that water will be conserved as a precious natural resource. Sprinklers will…

Back to School 1

Eco-friendly tools for back to school

It’s back-to-school time! The yellow school buses have returned to our morning commute and everywhere we look, students are sporting new backpacks and brand spanking new clothes. The start of the school year is a perfect time to teach your kids a few easy ways to fight runoff pollution and protect the ocean. Here, we’ve…

Ask LA Stormwater: How should I care for my lawn during the drought?

Ask LA Stormwater: What’s the best lawn care in a drought?

A: A whopping 40 percent of the drinking water in Los Angeles is used for landscaping. So conserving water outdoors is a great way to help beat the drought. Thankfully, there are many ways to be water-wise in your yard, whether you’re looking for simple solutions or are ready to take more radical steps. Let’s start…


Eco Trip Tips For Your Home

Suitcases packed? Check! Plane, hotel and rental car reservations confirmed? Check! Family super excited about going on vacation? Check and check! Home ready to keep LA’s waterways clean and conserve energy and water while you’re gone? Um…I can do that? Yes, you can! Here are a few easy eco trip tips for your home that will…

Southern California Rainy Season Could Break All Records

Weather or Not, Be Prepared!

  Here in Southern California, many people will say that we don’t have “weather.” We disagree! In fact, we’re entering that time of year when southeasterly monsoonal flows can creep over the mountains bringing with them a good chance for thunderstorms. So as we move through summer with its inevitable heat, humidity and occasional storm,…


Rapidly Loving LA’s River

By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater I have been intrigued by the Los Angeles River since the 1970s when, as a young girl, I was traveling up the 5 Freeway in Elysian Valley and noticed painted cat faces peering out at me from the river’s storm drain outlets. My fascination with this river has only grown since. I’ve…

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RAH RAH Reusable Bag Giveaway

On July 1, the plastic bag ban arrived in LA’s small stores and markets. And we’d like to hear you cheer! Show some spirit by telling us why you love your reusable bag. Write a poem, compose a jingle, create a battle cry or just jot down a few words on why reusable bags make…

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Surf and Turf: How to Throw an Ocean-friendly BBQ

People always say that Los Angeles doesn’t have seasons. We disagree. We can always tell that it’s summer by the inescapable desire to fire up the grill and throw a good old fashioned backyard BBQ. Celebrate the season with pride, Angelenos! Just be sure to also honor our earth with these ocean-friendly tips that save…


Plastic Bag Ban To Expand on July 1

Get ready to take your reusable bags to a new level in the coming days! Starting on July 1, 2014 Los Angeles will expand its current Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance to include smaller markets and grocery stores.  The second phase of the Ordinance mandates that all grocers within the City of Los Angeles will no…

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