118 BLG 0807 Clean Water Quiz

Clean Water Pop Quiz

You’ve heard of sewer lines, storm drains and purple pipes, but how much do you really know about clean water? For example, did you know that LA has more than 10,500 miles of sewer lines, stormwater drains and purple pipes under the ground? You’re probably standing over one right now! Test your know-how by taking the Clean Water…

El Nino

Preparing for El Niño and El Monstruo

It’s been almost two decades since the last strong El Niño, but in the wake of Tropical Storm Dolores that dumped record-breaking amounts of rain on Los Angeles last month, many are speculating that our region’s next El Niño may already be here. Talk to experts and you’ll hear that the weather phenomenon sports a…

native garden

Tips for a Fire-Wise Garden

With all the recent talk about California’s historic drought, we’re all pretty familiar about water-wise gardening. But with scorching summer heat and barbecues, have you prepared your garden to be fire-wise as well? Below are four fire-wise tips to keep your family and home safe during this season of burgers on the barbie: Assess Your Fire Risk.…

0517 LASW Image Heal the Bay

Outta Sight

We all have that one colleague who works tirelessly to make a project better than average but shuns the limelight and, therefore, often times receives little recognition for their dedication and hard work. For Santa Monica Bay beaches, low flow diversions are those unsung heroes. As Heal the Bay releases its annual beach report card this week,…

0526 LASW Image Biking

Biking for Better Waterways

Some 80 percent of the pollution in our oceans comes from land—and cars are a major culprit. Every day, the engines in our cars and trucks dribble small drops of oil onto our LA roads and parking lots. From there, it’s a short trek out to sea. Help curb car pollution by biking. It’s a…

0514 LASW Image KOD 2015

Kids Ocean Day Makes History

Kids Ocean Day 2015 was one for the history books. Every year, the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education brings thousands of Los Angeles school children, parents and teachers to Dockweiler State Beach for a massive clean-up and aerial art formation.  It is the culmination of a year-long school education program that teaches kids the power…


Saving Lots of Drops

In this environment of drought and climate change, creating and building projects that will capture rainwater in LA’s impervious communities is a challenge that we must meet. The Southern California Water Replenishment District estimates that in a single year alone, Los Angeles loses 58 trillion gallons of water to the ocean because of its paved…

aLA Natural contest

aLA Natural Contest

We think Mother Nature has the best green thumb. That’s why we prefer to let her work her magic in the garden instead of using toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Tell us your best all natural gardening tip and we’ll send you a free LA Stormwater recycled cotton tote, which can hold gardening tools or groceries. You’ll…

LASW freebies from LA

Freebies from the City

Living in Los Angeles isn’t cheap. But not everything has to break the bank. The next time you’re watching the numbers rack up at the gas pump, just think about the following free stuff Los Angeles residents can get from the City of LA. Not only are these no cost programs simple to use, they…

Water-Wise Garden

LA’s Best Water-Wise Gardens

Replace the toilet with a low-flow model: check. Install aerators on all of the faucets: done. Lower those showers to 5 minutes: who needs more time than that? Now that many of us have become water-saving warriors inside the house, it’s time to tackle the next drought-fighting frontier—outside in the yard. A growing number of…

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