Setting A Green(er) Thanksgiving Table

As you begin to plan for Thanksgiving dinner, how will you set your table this year? Paper plates and plasticware? Or reusable plates and utensils? Although you might think that using paper plates will save water, the production and afterlife of those plates actually use more water (as well as create additional landfill waste and…


Solve the Stormwater Stumper

When it comes to knowing how to keep our local rivers, creeks and ocean clean, you’re a whiz. But a little challenge every now and then helps keep your mind sharp. Introducing our 2nd annual Stormwater Stumper! Tell us what we’re describing in the riddle above, and if you get it right, we’ll enter you…

storm Los Angeles

7 Ways LA is Ready for El Niño

El Niño is coming, and if predictions are correct, Los Angeles could get more than of 30 inches of rain in the next twelve months. That would make it the rainiest season since El Niño tracking began in the 1950s. For our drought-stricken Southland, the prospect of rain is great news. However, rain in Los…

rain Los Angeles

10 Ways to Weather El Niño

With California battling its fourth year of severe drought, it’s no wonder the prospect of an El Niño rainy season gets us excited. If current predictions are correct, LA could get more than 30 inches of rain in the next 12 months! Unfortunately, all of that rainfall will likely bring flooding and mudslides, as well as…

North Hollywood, after the Los Angeles River flood of 1938

LA’s Historic Storms [Slideshow]

El Niño tracking didn’t begin until the 1950s, but Los Angeles has weathered a long history of epic storms and devastating floods. The following two slideshows cover more than 130 years of LA storms from the pre-channelization of the LA River to the previous El Niño in 1997 and the soggy rainy season of 2010. 1880-1959 From 1880-1938, flooding…

Vauxs Swifts

Migratory Birds Sweep into DTLA

Every autumn, Angelenos make their way downtown at sunset, turning their eyes towards the night sky to catch a glimpse of Vaux’s swifts as they make their migration south. Vaux’s swifts (pronounced voxes) are a bit of a mystery. We don’t know where they spend the winter or much about their migration path. But we…

santa monica bay

Clean Water Pop Quiz

You’ve heard of sewer lines, storm drains and purple pipes, but how much do you really know about clean water? For example, did you know that LA has more than 10,500 miles of sewer lines, stormwater drains and purple pipes under the ground? You’re probably standing over one right now! Test your know-how by taking the Clean Water…

El Nino

Preparing for El Niño and El Monstruo

It’s been almost two decades since the last strong El Niño, but in the wake of Tropical Storm Dolores that dumped record-breaking amounts of rain on Los Angeles last month, many are speculating that our region’s next El Niño may already be here. Talk to experts and you’ll hear that the weather phenomenon sports a…

native garden

Tips for a Fire-Wise Garden

With all the recent talk about California’s historic drought, we’re all pretty familiar about water-wise gardening. But with scorching summer heat and barbecues, have you prepared your garden to be fire-wise as well? Below are four fire-wise tips to keep your family and home safe during this season of burgers on the barbie: Assess Your Fire Risk.…

santa monica bay

Outta Sight

We all have that one colleague who works tirelessly to make a project better than average but shuns the limelight and, therefore, often times receives little recognition for their dedication and hard work. For Santa Monica Bay beaches, low flow diversions are those unsung heroes. As Heal the Bay releases its annual beach report card this week,…

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