Pollution Solutions: Let’s Drive It Home!

By LA Stormwater in Stormwater Pollution Prevention     
eco car

It’s possible to lessen your environmental impact when driving your car by following these easy tips. As an added bonus, these tips will also help to reduce spending at the gas pump. Always have your wheels properly inflated. It is free to pump air into your tires at most gas stations and it only takes…

Ask LA Stormwater: Can I drain my pool water into the street?

By LA Stormwater in Best Management Practices     

A: Yes, but there are things to consider first. Draining your pool can wreak havoc on the environment if it’s not done properly. When poured down storm drains, chemical-laden pool water ultimately makes its way to local waterways, where it can kill off fish and seriously threaten water quality. The City of Los Angeles allows…

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