Do Sweat The Small Stuff

By LA Stormwater in Best Management Practices     
0916 LASW Image cigarette butts

By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater I honestly didn’t expect to find much trash on the impromptu “micro community clean-up” my six-year old son and I did in our neighborhood a few days ago in honor of the upcoming California Coastal Cleanup Day on September 20. We live in a part of southeastern Alhambra historically known…

We Have a Dream

By LA Stormwater in Watersheds     
0829 LASW Image ocean-utopia-paradise

At LA Stormwater, we like to dream big. We have a dream that one day the ocean will be free of plastic and other litter. Beaches won’t need to be closed after a rainstorm and aquatic life will flourish. We have a dream that water will be conserved as a precious natural resource. Sprinklers will…

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