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Eco Trip Tips For Your Home

By LA Stormwater in Best Management Practices     

Suitcases packed? Check! Plane, hotel and rental car reservations confirmed? Check! Family super excited about going on vacation? Check and check! Home ready to keep LA’s waterways clean and conserve energy and water while you’re gone? Um…I can do that? Yes, you can! Here are a few easy eco trip tips for your home that will… READ MORE

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Weather or Not, Be Prepared!

By LA Stormwater in Stormwater News     
Southern California Rainy Season Could Break All Records

  Here in Southern California, many people will say that we don’t have “weather.” We disagree! In fact, we’re entering that time of year when southeasterly monsoonal flows can creep over the mountains bringing with them a good chance for thunderstorms. So as we move through summer with its inevitable heat, humidity and occasional storm,… READ MORE

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