Outta Sight

By LA Stormwater in Santa Monica Bay     
0517 LASW Image Heal the Bay

We all have that one colleague who works tirelessly to make a project better than average but shuns the limelight and, therefore, often times receives little recognition for their dedication and hard work. For Santa Monica Bay beaches, low flow diversions are those unsung heroes. As Heal the Bay releases its annual beach report card this week,…

Biking for Better Waterways

By LA Stormwater in Stormwater Pollution Prevention     
0526 LASW Image Biking

Some 80 percent of the pollution in our oceans comes from land—and cars are a major culprit. Every day, the engines in our cars and trucks dribble small drops of oil onto our LA roads and parking lots. From there, it’s a short trek out to sea. Help curb car pollution by biking. It’s a…

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