Migratory Birds Sweep into DTLA

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Vaux's Swifts in DTLA

Every autumn, Angelenos make their way downtown at sunset, turning their eyes towards the night sky to catch a glimpse of Vaux’s swifts as they make their migration south. Vaux’s swifts (pronounced voxes) are a bit of a mystery. We don’t know where they spend the winter or much about their migration path. But we…

Clean Water Pop Quiz

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118 BLG 0807 Clean Water Quiz

You’ve heard of sewer lines, storm drains and purple pipes, but how much do you really know about clean water? For example, did you know that LA has more than 10,500 miles of sewer lines, stormwater drains and purple pipes under the ground? You’re probably standing over one right now! Test your know-how by taking the Clean Water…

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