Eco-friendly tools for back to school

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Back to School 1

It’s back-to-school time! The yellow school buses have returned to our morning commute and everywhere we look, students are sporting new backpacks and brand spanking new clothes. The start of the school year is a perfect time to teach your kids a few easy ways to fight runoff pollution and protect the ocean. Here, we’ve…

Ask LA Stormwater: What’s the best lawn care in a drought?

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Ask LA Stormwater: How should I care for my lawn during the drought?

A: A whopping 40 percent of the drinking water in Los Angeles is used for landscaping. So conserving water outdoors is a great way to help beat the drought. Thankfully, there are many ways to be water-wise in your yard, whether you’re looking for simple solutions or are ready to take more radical steps. Let’s start…

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