LA Sanitation Receives Environmental Awards

By LA Stormwater in LA Sanitation News     

LA Sanitation received three 2017 National Environmental Achievement Awards (NEAA) on February 6th during NACWA’s 2017 Winter Conference. These prestigious national awards were granted for three different LA Sanitation environmental projects. LASAN received the Operations & Environmental Performance Award for the Avalon Green Alley Network, where abandoned and trash-filled alleys were redeveloped using permeable pavement and native plants…

Show Mother Earth Some Love

By LA Stormwater in Household Hazardous Waste     

With love and relationships taking center stage on February 14, we’re highlighting a few relationships you won’t hear much about on Valentine’s Day – relationships that will make Mother Earth smile.  Celebrate A Long-Term Relationship! LA Sanitation has been implementing a recycling program for more than 25 years. Now that’s a committed relationship! Crews collect…

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