Ballona Creek Prepares For Big And Small Projects

By LA Stormwater in Ballona Creek     
ballona creek

Ballona Creek was a vastly different watershed when Los Angeles became a city in 1781. Researchers believe that the watershed was home to 14,000 acres of wetlands featuring meadows, fresh water ponds and thickets of Willow trees. It even had a different name – Ballena. There is no word “Ballona” in the Spanish language. One…

Roll Out the Rain Barrels

By LA Stormwater in Rain Barrels & Cisterns     

Even though LA often doesn’t see its first significant rain event until November or December, October does signify the “official” start of the rainy season here in the southland as is evidenced by today’s showers. And, with California’s drought far from over, it’s still vital that Angelenos conserve water and harvest rainwater. Now is the…

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